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His Pregnant Royal Bride by Amy Ruttan (Royal Spring Babies)

Review by Adel | 5 Stars

I loved His Pregnant Royal Bride by Amy Ruttan. Nurse Shay Labadie and Dr. Dante Affini share one passionate night together. Now four months later, Shay takes a job at Dante’s hospital in Italy to tell him the happy news. Little did she know that he is going to expect her to marry him, not to mention he is Italian royalty! 

This is a great story, the characters have real chemistry, and they are both well rounded and have emotional depth. The story flowed beautifully and I highly recommend it to any romance lover.

Review by TashNz | 4 Stars

A wonderful one night stand leads to Shay beoming pregnant. Taking up a post in Venice where the baby's father is a surgeon, Shay informs Dante of the consequences of their unforgettable night. Having no clue who Dante really is or how their baby can save his heritage, Shay agrees to a marriage of convenience.

I really liked the location of the story and the medical drama's including Shay's. I liked the history of Shay and Dante's backgrounds and I really liked learning about who Shay works for and I loved the low build to the path of love.

A wonderful solid and heartwarming tale which is part one and Dante's brother and Shay's friend who are part two looks just as captivating. This is a medical romance with a touch more!

Review by Lynn | 4 Stars

One night turns into a lifetime! I had a hard time liking Dante even though I could understand what led him to be standoffish. I would have liked a little more of the guy that she met at the conference that would have led to more warmth and connection between them, but I did enjoy the story and following them on their journey.

Nurse Shay Labadie was only expecting one night of fun with Doctor Dante Affini on the last day of the conference they both attended, but a few months later, she realized she was pregnant. When she heads to Italy to tell him, she's not expecting anything from him ... least of all a marriage proposal!

Dante shocks her with his news that he's a Prince and that he wants her to marry him so he can take care of her and the baby. She's not big on trusting the happily ever after, but she's willing to try for their baby's sake.

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"His Pregnant Royal Bride" by Amy Ruttan was one of those books that once I picked it up I didn't want to put down. Nurse Shay Labadie wanted one night of passion with Doctor Dante Affini on the last day of the conference they both attended with no strings attached, but a few months later she found out she there was a lasting impression from their lovemaking. Finding herself pregnant she heads to Italy to tell Dante the news and doesn't expect anything in return. To her surprise he proposes.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Shay Labadie decides it can't hurt to have a night of fun with Doctor Dante Affini its the last day of the conference they are attending and she probably won't see him again.  Best laid plans don't always work out like you figure and she finds out she is pregnant.  Knowing she must tell him she heads to Italy not wanting anything except to tell him about the baby.  Surprise he asks her to marry him and also lets her know he is a prince.  She has big trust issues but for the love of her unborn child she will try.  Ms. Ruttan keeps you involved in this story to see how these two will find their HEA and she always delivers. 

His Mistress with Two Secrets by Dani Collins (The Sauveterre Siblings #2)

Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

Henri is the Sauveterre hero in this book and while they can be read as stand-alones I highly recommend reading #1 to get the full experience of the feels this book delivers.

Henri and Cinnia have an wonderful long term arrangement going on, or so Henri thinks until Cinnia all but disappears in Book 1. Book 2 picks up in the BEST way, of which I wont share here to spoil the surprise but the set up for another sibling's book is brilliant! Henri finds out about the two secrets and a wonderfully intense, humorous and engaging story ensues.

I adore these two stories because I love how books link. For example in Book 1 Cinnia posts all her jewellery back to Henri, it's mentioned via other means, but in Book 2 you learn more about the jewellery being returned and what each piece meant to Henri when he gave it to Cinnia. I must say too that this part was very emotional.

I love how Dani tries to make her stories as unique as possible so I really appreciated what happened to Cinnia medically and thought it was a great way to create tension and drama.

Well loved, well enjoyed and well looking forward to #3!

Review by Adel | 5 Stars
His Mistress with Two Secrets by Dani Collins is the second book in the Sauveterre Siblings quartet and this is Henri’s story. I absolutely adore Dani Collins writing style, it is such an effortless read and she makes me fall in love with the characters.

Since his sister’s childhood kidnapping and his father’s passing away, Henri has taken over as the protector of the Sauveterre family. Not an easy task by any means, he’s seen what can happen when he is not vigilant! When he met Cinnia he told her upfront that he will never marry her and for two years he was perfectly happy with the status quo, until Cinnia abruptly ended the relationship. When Henri discovers Cinnia is pregnant he immediately demands that she marry him. Fatherhood was not in his plans but he will do anything to protect his growing family.

This is a must read for any romance lover!

More to come <3

Married to the Mom to Be by Helen Lacey ( Cedar River Cowboys #4)

Married to the Mom to Be
by Helen Lacey
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars 

A story I read word for word, not skipping a single sentence or page and one which I was so caught up in I fell asleep with it in my hand well after midnight.  

It was lovely to be back in Cedar River and I settled back to enjoy a lovely story but it wasn't just lovely, it was heart catching, dramatic, exciting and so wonderfully written I devoured every word!

Liam and Kayla are expecting a baby, we find that out in the first sentence! They are in love so all good there BUT their parents are in a family feud with each other for the past 30 years. They know this will not go down well and especially Kayla worries this will break her Daddys heart... imagine how they the parents and the small town will feel when their secret relationship can't be held secret any longer, let alone find out they are already married!

Liam's love shines through all the way and he won me over! 6 stars for me!

Review by Adel | 4 Stars

Married to the Mom-to-Be is another fantastic read by Helen Lacey. This book is the third in the Cedar River Cowboys series, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone although every book I’ve read so far is amazing so you wouldn’t want to miss out on reading the other friends’ stories.

In this book Kayla Rickard and Liam O’Sullivan is secretly married. The older Rickard’s and O’Sullivan’s are arch enemies and it will break their hearts to find out that their children got married. Then Kayla discovered she is pregnant and their time is up to come clean about their relationship. 

I really enjoyed the flow of the story, the way the characters developed and the easy writing style that Helen Lacey has. I recommend this book to any romance lover.

Review by Nas | 5 Stars

MARRIED TO THE MOM-TO-BE by author Helen Lacey is a Harlequin Special Edition series release for April 2017. 

Kayla Rickard is married and expecting Liam O’Sullivan’s baby. And Liam happens to belong to the family of her dad’s biggest enemy. How could Kayla explain to her dad that she loves Liam? 

What is the secret which made Liam’s family enemy to Kayla’s family? Would revealing that secret tear the families and Kayla and Liam apart or bring them together? Interesting and intriguing. 

Married to the-Mom-To-Be is one emotional story full of angst and tension. We know Liam loves Kayla and she knows it, yet they are forced apart by circumstances. Author Helen Lacey brought this tale to life on the pages shimmering with emotional intensity. We root for Liam and Kayla to get together and stay engrossed by this story till the end to see how and when it happens. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Bride by Royal Decree by Caitlin Crews

Bride by Royal Decree
by Caitlin Crews
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

Absolutely loved Bride by Royal Decree by Caitlin Crews which is part of the "Wedlocked" series.

King Reza finds out his long lost Queen didn’t die in a nasty car accident years ago, so he abandons his quest to find the right Queen and goes in search of Princess Magdelena, his betrothed Queen. 

It's with trademark Caitlin Crews humor and story weaving skill that I was happily swept away in Reza and Maggie's story.  I was determined to finish in one setting which of course is always sad when a wonderful story closes.  The drama, emotion and witty conversations were thoroughly enjoyed and I found the plot to be very enjoyable and I’m happy with how everything was explained.

Reza is dark, serious and traditional and completely blindsided that the waif he’s thinking he’s rescuing from the pits of menial work wants nothing to do with him, his nobility or his promises of a better life.  It’s not until he mentions she’s got a brother that Maggie starts to wonder if it’s possible this impossible man standing before her could be who he says he is and the thought of a family entices Maggie to learn more.  Turning Maggie into the Princess and Queen she is destined to be brings Maggie and Reza close and they explore their attraction to each other with disastrous results.

The final chapter was worth a star all by itself.  I was a little bit teary!

Thank you for a gorgeous story Caitlin Crews, I absolutely adored it.

The Temporary Mrs Marchetti by Melanie Milburne

The Tempoarary Mrs Marchetti
by Melanie Milburne
Review by TashNZ | 5 Stars

Another Melanie Milburne winner! Christiano's grandmother dies and stipulates something in her will which causes the reunion of himself and Alice, an ex girlfriend. 

Having an awful break up in the past didn't help the situation and it's tension city when both parties are reunited. The path to true love isn't smooth at all and it makes for the best read. 

World wide destinations, passionate characters and rollercoaster emotions equal a satisfying read which I've actually read twice now.

Review by Adel | 4 Stars

The Temporary Mrs. Marchetti by Melanie Milburne shows how to people can be perfect for each other and yet let their fears and insecurities break them apart. Fortunately, Christiano Marchetti’s grandmother is smarter than he is and she had a plan! When Christiano’s grandmother passed away he discovered a clause in her will that states he is to marry the woman who broke his heart, Alice Piper, unless he wants to lose half his family home. 

Alice Piper does not believe in marriage, not after watching her mother go through three of them, so she walked away from Christiano’s proposal seven years ago. When he lets her go without trying to stop her, she believes that he never loved her in the first place and that she made the right decision. When he walks back into her life after seven years apart she agrees to be his temporary wife for six months, but she falls in love with him all over again and this time she will do anything to make it permanent.

A truly enjoyable book! I recommend it to any romance lover.

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

A really great reunion story! The characters had a deep connection filled with steamy passion as well as an argumentative heat that made scenes between them really attention getting. I enjoyed them!

When hotelier Christiano Marchetti is handed the opportunity to exact revenge on his former lover who walked out on him seven years ago, he jumps at the chance. He has never been able to get her out of his mind, and now with a method of forcing her to marry him ... temporarily ... at his disposal, he is relishing the thought of revenge!

Alice Piper could definitely use the money she's being offered for this short marriage to Christiano, but it goes against all that she's ever believed in. Can she really bring herself to do it? And as they spend time together and she starts to see the man she never took the time to get to know all those years ago, she wonders if she made a grave mistake in walking out on his love back then. Can she convince him to make the marriage a real one?

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"The Temporary Mrs. Marchetti" by Melanie Milburne was an amazing book. Christiano Marchetti and Alice Piper have a steamy history together. Seven year ago she walked out of his life, but things don't always go the way they're planned. When Christiano's Grandmother passes away her will stipulates that he must be married to keep the estate in the family. Christiano offers Alice a short term marriage in exchange for money that she needs. The fireworks between these two are HOT, and Alice finds herself falling hard for her husband. 

Review by Nas Dean | 5 Stars

THE TEMPORARY MRS MARCHETTI by author Melanie Milburne is a March 2017 release by Harlequin Presents series. 

Cristiano Marchetti asked his former girlfriend Alice Piper to pretend to be engaged to him so he can fulfil his grandmother’s will condition. But will they be able to deny their attraction to each other? What happens when their time is up? Could Alice walk away once again from Cristiano?

The Temporary Mrs Marchetti is a sizzling romance with mesmerizing emotions. Author Melanie Milburne once again astounds her readers with this truly stunning, heart-felt story.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

A second chance at love story that Ms. Milburne has aced.  Alice and Christiano were together for years before their breakup.  To Christiano the past is the past, except according to his grandmothers will he must marry Alice Piper to keep his family home.  So its an easy plan for him he wants what he wants and will do whatever need be to get it.  Except Alice walked out on his proposal 7 years ago as she doesn't believe in marriage watching her mothers three, but the offer of money will help her.  What transpires between these two is a wonderful story of two strong people forced to be together and finding that maybe they were both wrong in the past.  She agrees to be his wife for six months, figures that would be easy except the heart has no knowledge of what temporary means, and she starts to fall in love all over again.  A truly lovely romance that will make your day.

Review by Annette | 4 Stars

Alice Piper never expected to see Cristiano Marchetti again after she left him abruptly standing in a restaurant. Seven years on and he is back in her life. Only to fulfil the requirements of his Grandmothers will. They must marry if he is to keep his family property and control of the shares in the company. 

At times there are fireworks between Alice and Cristiano. Bother are stubborn and sure of what they want for their future and that does not include each other. Will Alice really walk down the aisle and will it be the real thing or just to fulfil the requirements of the will?

#butwaitthatsnotall Keep posted, more to come... <3

Pursued by the Desert Prince by Dani Collins (The Sauveterre Siblings #1)

Pursued by the Desert Prince
by Dani Collins
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

If there is one book you must read in the month of release, March 2017, this is it! I would almost beg every romance lover not to pass by this beautiful and emotional story which I adore so much I feel I need to give it 6 stars.

The first in a quartet we meet Angelique, twin to Trella who is the catalyst of all the emotions each of the Sauveterre's feel. What was to only be a one night stand with Prince Kasim turns into months of nights snatched here and there when their hectic lives allowed. What made this story remarkable to me was the characters, the sense of humor brilliantly sprinkled throughout which made for awesome banter and the fabulously suspenseful family secret of Kasim.

A lot of thought has gone into the writing of the story and hints for the future installments, the complicated setup of Kasim's family and the plot of this book is all brilliant in its delivery.

I truly, truly adored this story and very much look forward to books 2-4!

Review by Adel | 5 Stars

Pursued by the Desert Prince by Dani Collins is the first book in The Sauveterre Siblings quartet and is Angelique’s story. Angelique is the quiet and shy twin compared with her identical twin sister Trella but she has been forced to step outside her comfort zone to protect her sister after Trella was kidnapped as a child. Kasim, Crown Prince of Zhahair, mistakenly thought Angelique is having an affair with his sister’s fiancĂ©. When she clears the misunderstanding up nothing can stop him from having an affair with her himself! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is fast paced, shows the glitz, glamour and drawbacks of celebrity living and the characters are hotter than hot. This is a great start to the series and I look forward to reading the next story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic HEA stories.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Pursued by the Desert Prince is the first of a series called "The Sauveterre Siblings" and what an amazing first book.  First you have 2 sets of Identical twins , a family dynasty that has been destroyed by a kidnapping and are forced to go to extreme measures to protect them.  I know I cannot do justice to the review as the book is that amazing but I will try.  the first book has Angelique who with her twin Trella design wedding gowns.   Add to the mix Kasim ibn Nour who doesn't believe the story of why they are gifting the gowns to his sister, instead thinks she is the mistress of his sisters fiancĂ©e.  He confronts Angelique and this is just the beginning of a story that has everything in it a romance reader would love and throw in 1000 more reasons to love it. Amazing is not giving it the credit it deserves and I am anxiously awaiting the other 3.  Ms. Collins has written one of the finest romances I have read and truly worth more than 5 stars and instead of gold its Platinum.  don't miss this one.

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

Really enjoyed this kick-off to a new series from Dani Collins! We get the first of the four Sauveterre sibling stories with another sibling following the next month. They're easy to connect to, yet shrouded in lots of secrets and an overly protected life, so it's fun to delve below the surface and get to know them more.

Prince Kasim ibn Nour is determined to see his sister happily married to the man that she loves, so he visits designer Angelique Sauveterre to make sure she ends her liaison with his soon-to-be brother-in-law prior to the wedding!

Angelique can't believe he thinks she is someone's mistress! She sets him straight in no uncertain terms ... and by the end of being put in his place by her, Kasim is so intrigued that he wants to claim her for his very own! Family obligations on both their parts limit their freedom to live their lives as they wish, but they decide to have a short lived fling that is just for their enjoyment. When their time together is supposed to be coming to an end, will they be able to walk away?

A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed by Jennifer Hayward

A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed
by Jennifer Hayward
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

An exquisitely emotive story of second chances which starts with the most beautiful author's dedication.

Lorenzo is presented with the most shell shocking news about his divorce and one the shock subsides he knows this is his once in a lifetime chance to get his wife back in his life where he's always wanted her, by his side.  

Angelina reluctantly returns, yes with the requisite blackmailing, but it's about there things take a different path, Lorenzo truly want a his marriage back and he is written in the most devine way, all the while also submerged and consumed in trying to land the deal of the century and accept his past to be able move into his future.

Angelina loves her husband but past hurts with him and her family have made her stronger and she's not going to be walked over and 200% consumed by everyone then discarded, like she once was. I loved she could say what she wants and I really believed in her character and what she was trying to achieve; a career that she worked hard for as well as a marriage that she did want to succeed.

I could not put this book down, luckily I'm on holiday, but I stayed curled up, duvet and all, soaking up the emotive,  intense and passionate world, characters and  atmosphere created by Jennifer Hayward, the characters, the intensity and the drama of two people who belong together. A wonderful epilogue rounded out the perfect story!

Review by Adel | 5 Stars

I really enjoyed A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed by Jennifer Hayward. It’s a story about second changes and how important communication is to make a marriage work. This is not your typical romance where the hero and heroine don’t communicate at all. It was so refreshing to read! 

Both characters have emotional issues that they need to resolve and the book show us how they develop and rise above their pasts to become better people and the chemistry between the characters was off the charts.

I recommend this book to any romance lover. 

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Ms. Hayward starts her lovely story with a beautiful dedication to her Dad, who sadly passed as she was writing this book.  All her books have such heart and soul in them and this is another example of her amazing talent. Angelina and Lorenzo fell in love and got married, Nope not HEA yet.  Angelina walks out of the marriage and after so much heartache finds someone new and plans to remarry.  End of story? Not.  If you have never read a Ms. Hayward story you will never miss another she is one of the finest authors there are and her books are always amazing. I will be as brief as I can and try not ruin the story. Lorenzo finds out their divorce was never filed, also his brother cannot provide and heir for their fathers dynasty business,so Angelina is the answer.  Sound great except Angelina is marrying someone new.  Not happening when Lorenzo explains how the divorce wasn't filed, her place of business is his building unknown to her and he has loaned her father money to keep his business from going under.   Add her mother has psychological problems.   So Lorenzo's answer? To keep things as they are she must  stay married and produce his heir.  Wow what does Angelina do now?  She always has loved Lorenzo but this?  That's all I will say because this is a book that is so emotional and passionate that to give anything else away will ruin the enjoyment you will get from this incredible book.  It deserves  gold instead of 5 stars due to the emotions between all the characters, the story that wraps you in and to add the icing to the cake the wonderful epilogue.  I cannot truly give this review the justice it deserves all I can say is don't miss it. Awesome

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

An exciting read filled with a mixture of turmoil and emotions!

Angelina Carmichael has her world turned upside down at her engagement party when her ex-husband shows up to tell her that they are still married and she will be returning to his bed to fulfill her duties as his wife ... or he'll ruin her father!

Lorenzo Ricci can't stand the fact that Angie walked out on him all those years ago, and now that he needs an heir and finds out that they are conveniently still married, what better way to get one than to bring his wayward wife back home?

These two produce fireworks when they are in each other's vicinity. Will they actually be able to calm down and listen to each other to make their marriage work, or will it be all be a repeat of history with them pushing each other away again?

The Innocent's Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli

Review by TashNz 
5 Stars

Read in one sitting, I couldn't put Raul and Lydia's story down for a variety of reasons.  

The story was intense and had me on the edge of my seat. The locations and setting was beautiful and the storytelling was unique.  It was written differently to what I was used to and I think this is what made the story intense for me.  Raul was quite intense and Lydia was like a flower starting to bloom, Raul being her sunlight.  

Throw in a good mixture of revenge and I was hooked!  I loved the glassblowing and I really liked the stubborn side of Raul because it made the read all the more interesting.

Hearty congrats to Carol Marinelli for reaching 100, I'm a long time fan and enjoy every read!

Thank you Netgalley
March 2017 Release

Secrets of a Billionaire's Mistress by Sharon Kendrick

31521805Review by TashNz
4 Stars

Great story of two people who belong in opposite stations of life but fate has bought them together and together they share a night or 3 together whenever Renzo is in town.  Not bored of Darcy, he's stunned when she starts making good noises about ending things... 

Of course the One Night with Consequences theme means life is all shook up and along with undisclosed secrets of Darcys past life start spilling out the whirlwind of what Renzo thought would only ever be a sexual affair gathers wind and life starts spinning out of control.

A fast paced story which I did enjoy especially when all the things life started throwing at Renzo and Darcy.  Was enjoyable watching him finally be affected by a woman.

Thank you Netgalley!
March 2017 Release



Rhyll Biest

Shelter by Rhyll Biest

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that has the best one liners in it honestly the hero Luka and heroine Kat and their banter will have you laughing and smiling throughout this one. Both are in need of some love after being through so much in their childhood and what life has thrown their way so sit back and enjoy their spark filled journey.

Kat Daily has packed up and moved to the small town of Walgarra from Sydney to take on the job of RSPCA inspector she has many issues from her past and is pretty much a loner loves animals and will go to any lengths to protect and save them, but the previous inspector was murdered and the killer or killers have not been found so the quiet life she was looking for has not been found especially when she meets the local cop Luka and wow the spark between them could start a bushfire this is going to be good.

Luka Belovuk is a big man known as the brick because of his size is very protective and caring and has lived in Walgarra all of his life the town has changed over the years bikers moving in and the drug problem growing and of course his best friend murdered but now the new inspector is here and she is a feisty snarky female and one he cannot help being drawn to.

The heat that passes between Luka and Kat on the pages of this story is amazing so much going on both trying to push each other and their banter is just fabulous. I did enjoy this one I loved seeing them finally so happy after the lives they had as young kids and the issues that Kat needs to get over that was caused by her parents. Sit back and enjoy.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published February 15th 2017 by Escape Publishing